for granite / concrete / screed / glue

Sanding pad for granite, concrete or screed, for removing epoxy resin adhesives

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Product no.: DWPA
75.50 *
Product no.: D4CA

Ø 125 mm, bore 22.23mm, robust steel body, for removing adhesive residues, high removal rate, with air intake openings

59.00 *
Product no.: D3CA

Ø 125 mm, bore 22.23 mm, sturdy steel body, for granite and concrete, high removal rate, spacer ring for mounting 20 mm is included

39.90 *
Product no.: DUWA
93.50 *
Product no.: DUXA
96.10 *
Product no.: TYZ
24.80 *
Product no.: TYZZ
3.50 *

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