compressed air DIAMONT tools

Tungsten carbide tipped tools for pneumatic operation

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carbide pneumatic carving chisels

Product no.: WB20
from 25.60 *

carbide pneumatic carving points

Product no.: WB2
from 26.80 *

carbide pneumatic carving claw chisels

Product no.: WB246
from 38.40 *

carbide pneumatic points

Product no.: WB21
from 19.50 *

carbide pneumatic points „soft“

Product no.: WB2167
from 22.40 *

carbide pneumatic chisels, heavy design

Product no.: WB22
from 34.80 *

carbide pneumatic claw chisels

Product no.: WB24
from 39.80 *

carbide pneumatic bush hammer, up to 14x14mm

Product no.: WB26
from 33.50 *

carbide pneumatic bush hammer, 20x20mm and greater

Product no.: WB260
from 60.90 *

carbide pneumatic chisels, light design

Product no.: WB23
from 87.00 *

DL Protect chisel H for PRECISO SE + PROTECT

Product no.: FDPH
from 47.80 *
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