Set of brushes and DIA sponges for leather-touch

Product no.: BUGRA
136.90 *

DIAMOND sponges Frankfurt, wet application

Product no.: KWH
11.90 *

Belt-Drum Ø 50mm DIA Resin Bond - set with spindle

Product no.: CVFRSF41

Ø 50mm / h 38mm - DIAMANT Resin Bond - set with 7 grits and 1 spindle

from our current flyer no. 41

299.00 *

"8 + 8" - Set DIAMANT-Pads Ø100mm, dry-cut, with 8 velcro plates

Product no.: KTABS411

Your advantage in the set with 8 grits and 8 Velcro plates

from our flyer No. 41/2019

145.00 *

4-step edge grinding rings Ø100mm, snail lock

Product no.: RQBA

diamond grinding disc with thin black layer, covering thickness 9mm

from 29.90 *

Set of 8 - DIAMOND grinding wheel HONEYCUMB EXTRA Ø 125mm, snail lock

Product no.: RTCAS411

set of 8 - diamond grinding disc EXTRA, covering thickness 9mm, from grit 400 with white covering to prevent discoloration

from our current flyer no. 41

376.00 *

Fickert 6-line® Metall-Diamant 140mm

Product no.: DKPV
134.90 *

saw disc Turbo reinforced Ø125mm, bore 22,2mm

Product no.: DACW0001
14.90 *

Double Row Cup Wheel Ø 125mm

Product no.: D3CA
48.00 *

Frankfurt double for sandblasting

Product no.: ISD
from 254.80 *

XXL® aluminum plate Ø315mm inclined with flange M30

Product no.: TFRD0002
462.50 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery


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