Gruppe-Schwaemme-handpads-Bo Politur-Mattschliff-Filz alles-fuer-Mattschliff Gruppe-Werkstattgeraete
DIA sponges / hand pads /
DIA pads for floor grinders
EVERYTHING FOR THE POLISH matt touches / Gomaflex® / Tapflex Lifting straps / carrying straps
Gruppe-Buersten Gruppe-Klett Gruppe-Metall Gruppe-Trockenscheiben
brushes velcro discs diamond resin bond metal diamond tools saw discs for dry cutting
Gruppe-Aufnahmen Gruppe-ResinBond Gruppe-Schleifsteine Gruppe-Stock
tool holders diamond resin bond tools traditional grinding stones stock tools & scratcher
Gruppe-SteinmetzWerkz Gruppe-Mini-Drums Gruppe-Saegeblaetter Gruppe-Maschinen2
tools for stonemasons
pneumatic hammers
mini drums / belts for CNC saw discs WET cut THEOBALD MACHINES


cartridges / cans

Colour Bond

impregnation and
color enhancer

in cartridges

in tubes/cans

silicone remover

Marmorkitt 1000
glue/color paste

Stone Repair

glue/color paste

cartridges / cans

hand maschines


Stable A-frame with wooden support

Product no.: QUBK2

400.00 *
In stock

Transport trolley with 2 wheels

Product no.: QUBK3

600.00 *
In stock

RAINBOW SPIRAL DIA-Pad Ø100mm, snail lock

Product no.: KPAG

21.40 *

3-step DIA-Pads Ø100mm for granite, velcro - G0

Product no.: KPAP00G0

19.90 *

3-step DIA-Pads Ø100mm for granite, velcro

Product no.: KPAP

from 19.90 *

Boomerang DIA Resin Bond Ø 150mm

Product no.: RUEA

from 14.70 *

Turbo TT with SF approach

Product no.: ATSF

from 9.90 *

semi-flex disc Ø180mm, slotted (grit: 36)

2.99 *

New Frankfurt ELEPHANT Diamond Copper Bond - new model

Product no.: REQU

39.90 *

Frankfurt DIA Resin Bond - 4-line - new model

Product no.: RESI

25.90 *

brush Frankfurt Nylon PP

Product no.: BFFW0000

12.90 *

steel brush Frankfurt, INOX 050

Product no.: BFFX0050

34.90 *

Frankfurt XXL® COMPACT DIA Resin Bond

Product no.: REIX

34.90 *

Frankfurt XXL® KARO DIA Resin Bond

Product no.: REOX

29.90 *

Frankfurt XXL® KARO DIA Resin Bond - velcro

Product no.: REOK

26.50 *

New Fickert 140mm DIA Resin Bond

Product no.: RFNJ

available soon

Fickert 140mm DIA Resin Bond

Product no.: RFNS

29.90 *

Fickert 140mm KARO Diamond Resin Bond

Product no.: RFOC

29.90 *

saw disc Turbo reinforced Ø125mm, bore 22,2mm

Product no.: DACW0001

15.90 *

New Diamond pads Ø430mm for floor grinders

Product no.: KWOW

from 38.90 *

Frankfurt Typ Verona magnesite

Product no.: SKRM

1.30 *

matt finish brush Frankfurt - wavy

Product no.: BFFY

4.55 *

matt finish brush Fickert 140 - wavy

Product no.: BIOY

6.95 *

finger miller Ø 25mm Standard

Product no.: CAAA0001

from 52.90 *

DIAMOND DRILL for granite Ø8mm

Product no.: DV8J

20.00 *

dry slip ring cylindric Ø100mm, grit 220, SF

Product no.: X9D30220

2.00 *
In stock
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