DIA-Pad "honeycomb" velcro

"Honeycomb" model with DIAMOND Resin Bond or COPPER BOND, for brilliant results on marble, granite and composite stone, available in diameters 100, 125 and 150 mm

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velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø100mm, copper bond

Product no.: KKAC
from 21.90 *

velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø125mm, copper bond

Product no.: KKBC
from 33.90 *

velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø150mm, copper bond

Product no.: KKCC
from 45.90 *

velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø100mm

Product no.: KDAB
from 18.70 *

velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø125mm

Product no.: KDBB
from 28.00 *

velcro pad "honeycumb" Ø150mm

Product no.: KDCB
from 38.50 *
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