Pads Ø250mm wet use

Sanding discs with Velcro Ø 250 mm for granite processing, wet sanding, first plate metal diamond, further grits Diamond Resin Bond, particularly suitable for the "Julia" grinding machine

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DIA PAD Ø250mm velcro Botton

Product no.: KOG
from 82.30 *

DIA PAD Ø250mm botton velcro

Product no.: KGGB
69.90 *

Tapflex Ø250mm velcro - SLAT

Product no.: MGTL
165.00 *

DELTA DIA PAD Ø250mm velcro

Product no.: KFGB0
from 156.00 *

DELTA DIA PAD Ø250mm velcro

Product no.: KFGB
from 65.00 *

Magnetic plate DELTA Ø250mm

Product no.: TJOQ
78.00 *

Ø250mm RESIDIAM velcro

Product no.: MGRA
135.00 *

Ø250mm RESIDIAM 4 segments velcro

Product no.: MGRB
125.00 *

Ø250mm RESIDIAM 6 segments velcro

Product no.: MGRC
135.00 *
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