Assembly instructions for attaching XXL® plates with 20 ° inclination®

Assembly instructions for attaching XXL® plates with 20 ° inclination®

Important Information


for attaching our XXL® plates / holders with 20 ° inclination® on the metal base plate.


  • Our plates and individual holders are made of PU (polyurethane) or aluminum. They are extremely precise, stable, wear-resistant and rustproof.
  • However, if you screw them onto a "bulbous" base plate with the fixing screws, they will break or bend, either immediately or, at a later stage, later on.
  • Such damage is never caused by the plate itself. The cause is always due to the not careful installation on insufficiently level ground.
  • The metal plate on which our recordings are screwed must be completely flat.
  • The planimetry must first be checked with a guideline. A maximum of 2/10 mm deviation over the total width of the plate is to be striven for.
  • To support the constraint-free installation, it is recommended to apply a silicone bead between our seats and the metal base plate.
  • It is important that this silicone bead seal around the inner hole and around the screw holes, while at the outer edge there must be slots so that water and dirt can escape outward by the centrifugal force. Thus, it is also avoided that due to the occurrence of rust on the metal base plate constraints occur, which could later harm the PU recording.
  • The driving or expulsion of the abrasive segments with a hammer and rough strokes should be avoided. In the long run, a violent impact damages every "object".
  • Sharpening stones, which are mounted on a bulbous plate, currently work only inside and have no complete contact with the outside of the stone. For diamond abrasives, incorporation takes a long time. With abrasive segment replacement and failure to maintain the same orientation and position on the plate as before, you will never get a reasonable grinding result. It is advisable to mark the sanding segments and the shoes with 1 - 2 - 3 etc.