Marking of our tools

Our brushes have three markings for secure distinction:

  • a color sorting by grain size (see tables below)
  • a marking point (seal) with inscription of the grain
  • a branding with "DIA" for identification of brushes with diamond grit. Brushes without this stamp are SIC brushes.

These three markers enable a quick and safe finding of the right brush at anytime - even after longer use










Our Frankfurt XXL® brush - a development of our own - has many advantages compared to "normal" frankfurters. First point is a bigger "footprint" of the larger dimensioned XXL®. Next point - and a real innovation - is a very uniform wear of the entire brush. You can use it until the end if it is rotated by 180 degrees after the half use, With the "normal" frankfurters you will receive after short time a heavily one-sided wear: on the the short side you will have a stark abrasion while at the rear edge of the brush a few bristles will remain. It has to be thrown away unused because a reasonable use of the whole brush is no longer possible. The economic advantage is clearly on the side of the new Franklfurt XXL®.

In order to optimize the benefits of Frankfurt XXL®, we propose the following approach:

our Frankfurt XXL® have a seal on both front sides: on one end side is the inscription "DIA" or "SIC", on the opposite end side is an indication of the grain number. When first inserting the brush into the receiving dish be sure that the orientation of all Frankfurt XXL® is uniform, e.g. all seals show the grit number outside. Then start brushing and rotate the Frankfurt XXL® by 180 degrees after half of use, so that now consistently "SIC" or "DIA" can be seen outside (be sure to turn all brushes unique!). You will see that you can use the Frankfurt XXL® until all bristles are worn homogeneously.

Remember this procedure with the same orientation of the Frankfurt XXL® and you will enjoy using our economic brushes.

By the way: even when other XXL tools - such as Frankfurt XXL® GOMAFLEX® COMPACT or Frankfurt XXL® diamond resin bond - a uniform orientation on the plate ensures a unique sanding pattern without leveling the tools every time ...



Our grindstones for chamfering and round edges are smooth with a special machine and precisely milled (= calibrated) so that they put little noise from the first second.