• In the nylon bristles of the brush SIC are silicon carbide or Carborundum said abrasive grains that cause the abrasion of the stone.


  • SIC resined:
    The bristles are impregnated with epoxy resin. They are characterized Stracker, stick together and keep a higher clamping force than not resinierte brushes.
  • In the nylon bristles are diamond abrasive grains as abrasives instead of carborundum grains. The service life of the DIA-brushing and the removal of the stone surface are much higher.
  • Only a DIA Brush manages to remove material from a polished Hartenstein plate and to make them dull again.
  • A flamed surface is planar because the spikes are more removed.
  • Polished surfaces are slightly wavy in the sense of "satin".
  • The result is heavily dependent on the mineral composition of the respective natural stone and on the duration of brushing-operation.